NORTHAMPTONSHIRE-BOUND David Willey has come out and refuted Yorkshire's claims about his contract discussions.

He insists the reason he is leaving the club after six years is instead because he feels that the ongoing racism scandal at Yorkshire has left players feeling secondary.

On Instagram yesterday, he said: "I have loved my life in Yorkshire, I have planted my roots and raised our young family here.

"Unfortunately the circumstances surrounding the recent events at the club have made my work environment unsettling.

"There are some great lads & fantastic players at Yorkshire and I hope the complications at the club will not take priority and overshadow their talents.

"The cricket and the current players seem to be secondary at the moment to repairing the club's reputation.

"It certainly felt that way for me over the past 12 months.

"I play cricket because I love the game. I just want to play somewhere that cricket is the focus and where I feel valued on and off the field.

"The comments made by Yorkshire around my contract discussions with the club are inaccurate."