"YOU know if it goes wrong, there is a good chance you are going to die. It is always in your head."

A Bradford motorcyclist, who featured in the recent Isle of Man TT, where five people died while competing, has spoken frankly about the dangers of the sport.

Dean Harrison has been competing in the "most dangerous road race in the world" for over a decade.

The former champion feels those participating know the risks the event brings and should be allowed to decide whether they race or not.

"It is road racing, everyone going to the Isle of Man knows how dangerous it is," Harrison said.

"You get people saying you should ban this and that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but have these people ever even been or rode a motorbike?

"When I first started in TT, I paid money to do that. People want to do it so much that they will pay to do it."

During the past fortnight, father and son paring Roger and Bradley Stockton, French driver Cesar Chanal, Northern Ireland's Davy Morgan and Welsh rider Mark Purslow were all killed while racing.

The news did not really take Harrison aback as it is something he has unfortunately seen in the past.

"I knew four of them. I knew Davey Morgan quite well," he added.

"I don't mean to sound awful but I have seen it before.

"I have seen people crash in front of me and it has happened, it is just something you have to accept and get on with. It is a brutal sport."

On the criticism, the sport is currently undertaking from all quarters, Harrison added: "Look how many people die during horse riding but that never gets mentioned. People need to just let people live.

"It's a road race, what are you going to do to wrap everybody in cotton wool?"

On the track, the Bradfordian, who was defending his Senior TT title, which he won the last time the competition was held in 2019, enjoyed great success.

Harrison recorded three podiums in his four races, coming second in the RST Superbike, Supersport TT, and Senior TT races, and finishing third in the Senior Supersport TT.

"It has been three years since we were there so it brought back a bit of normality.

"It was good for what we had. The lads were flat out all week, the teamwork was spot on.

"The pace is so fast, you are doing 200mph. It was a good week.

"If you are getting on podiums in TT, you are doing alright. I can't complain.

"If someone had said before I went, you are going to get four podiums, I would have taken it.

"It would have been nice to win one but such is life. I will just give it another go next year."