ONCE a prestige trial on the Yorkshire trials calendar the Davy Cup event was one to win.

With a packed calendar running in the county the Davy Cup ran on Saturday at Skyrakes Moor under fair weather conditions.

A dry day and very cool conditions hit the riders as they traversed the western ridge that overlooks the town of Gargrave. From that direction a very cold wind chilled the hardy observers who had walked the one mile rough rutted track up to the moor to man the fourteen sections.

The return route dropped down into the east ravine which fortunately has just about dried out after heavy rain. On the hard course James Lampkin excelled with a clean sheet ride on his Beta.

Bradford builder Charlie Smith was on the case but a couple of dabs in the eleventh killed his chances of the top spot. Neil Wright got his TRS home on a 24 score to take the Clubman A class while Rob Hardisty headed Clubman B. Bradford run again this coming Wednesday at Manor Farm, Glusburn.


Hard course.

Experts: 1 James Lampkin (Beta) 0. 2 Charlie Smith (Vertigo) 2.

Inters: 1 Sam Boocock (Sherco) 10,

Novices: 1 Tom Middleton (Vertigo) 3, 2 Elliott Laws (Scorpa) 9, Max Chadwick (TRS) 23.

Youth Class A:Josh McParland (Beta) 30, 2 Elliott Cock (Vertigo) 85, 3 Arran

Sherwin(Beta) 86.

Youth Class B: Jacob Reeday (Beta) 41.


Novices: 1 Liam Brown (Beta) 30, 2 Matthew Nicholson (Vertigo) 38, 3 Jake Weatherall (Sherco) 41.

Over 45: 1 Neil Wright (TRS) 24, 2 Tim McParland (Beta) 56.3 Jason Dunning

(Beta) 64.

Clubman B:

Novices: Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 4, 2 Chris Laws (Scorpa) 6, 3 Jeff Brown

(Vertigo) 8.


Youth Class B: 1 Max Lampkin (Beta) 32, 2 Luke Pearson (TRS) 115, 3 Jamie Preston (Beta) 138.