JOE Cullen saw off table-topper Jonny Clayton 6-4 in the final of Premier League Night 15 at The O2 to breathe new life into his Play-Off bid in London on Thursday.

Cullen conceded just six legs across the evening (6-1, 6-1, 6-4) to register his second night win of this year’s league phase, which has launched him into the top four ahead of the final night of league action.

The Masters champion collected the £10,000 winner’s bonus in the capital and claimed a crucial five points to move above Peter Wright into fourth, and the pair will collide in a straight shootout for qualification next week in Newcastle.

Speaking to the T&A following his victory, the Bradford star spoke of his delight with being able to win in a different manner.

He said: "It was extremely pleasing to be able to win the night under that sort of pressure. I knew if I lost the first game against Gary Anderson then my play-off hopes would have been dead in the water.

"I would have been happy to reach the final on Thursday, but to go and win it under that kind of pressure- it reaffirms to me that I've got what it takes to succeed when it comes down to it."

Cullen added: "Apart from a couple of nights in the Premier League this season, I do think I've underperformed really, but it has meant that I've been able to develop a new side to my game. I can now grind out results, which is something I've not really done before.

"With the Premier League being so demanding, you can't always win with amazing averages and because of that you have to find different ways to win. I've shown I can do that now and it's something I will look to take forward in my career.

"In a way it's more pleasing grinding out results than winning with a big average. It shows a mental toughness and it also shows that I won't roll over easily."

Cullen's face was a picture of joy and relief as he hit the double eight to claim a 6-4 victory against Clayton in the final on Thursday evening.

Despite the pressure to win the final against the table-topping Clayton, Cullen didn't feel the pressure that some players may have felt when coming up against such strong opposition.

He said: "It's a weird one with Jonny (Clayton) because we are very good friends and we travel on tour together. So, it's a bit different when we face each other and I don't see Jonny as the amazing player he is, but more as a friend.

"It allows me to approach the game against Jonny slightly differently- compared to how the other players prepare to face him. I do think that gave me an added advantage on Thursday night and I was able to take full advantage of it."

The Bradford thrower has found himself in the play-off places after his victory on Thursday, but a shootout with Peter Wright beckons in Newcastle on Thursday to decide fourth spot.

Looking ahead to the crunch clash, Cullen said: "It's a straight shootout between me and Peter on Thursday and whoever wins qualifies for the play-offs, so it's very exciting.

"I'm a big football fan, so I like this kind of competition. You can't ask for much more than to have it in your own hands, which I do. If I go there next week and get beat then it's my fault.

"I'd rather have it that way instead of relying on other people to get the job done for me. If I win then I'm through and that's all that matters."