PRINCEVILLE A have won the Bradford Sunday School Billiards League's experimental three-man team competition after a 3-1 win away to Bradford Deaf Centre A.

Although six of the eight teams had a mathematical chance of claiming the title going into the final round of fixtures, top of the table Princeville A were able to retain top spot.

That was despite a late challenge from Princeville D, who had a 4-0 win against one of the other title contenders, Pudsey A.

In the only match which didn't have a bearing on the destination of the title, Pudsey B's Richard Bowes recorded a break of 93 - the highest in any of the league's competitions this season


Bradford Deaf Centre A 1 Princeville A 3

Bradford Deaf Centre B 2 Princeville C 2

Princeville B 3 Pudsey B 1

Princeville D 4 Pudsey A 0


R Bowes (Pudsey B ) 93, S Kershaw (Princeville B ) 34,

FINAL LEAGUE TABLE (all played seven games)

Princeville A 19

Princeville D 18

Bradford Deaf Centre B 16.5

Princeville C 14

Pudsey A 13

Bradford Deaf Centre A 13

Princeveille B 10.5

Pudsey B 8