BRADFORD boxer Amin Jahanzeb has set his sights on a title shot after his upcoming bout on June 18.

Jahanzeb is still on the comeback trail from his sole defeat in the professional ranks, a controversial technical decision to Louie Lynn last year.

However, in his second bout since that night in September, the 25-year-old comfortably outpointed the well-travelled Christian Lopez Flores at Manchester's Victoria Warehouse in March.

He will be looking to add an 11th victory to his name on June 18, with a fight scheduled for that date, but the featherweight's opponent still remains unclear. A win would see Jahanzeb set up an English title shot.

Speaking to the T&A before his last bout, Jahanzeb admitted that staying "active" was a key goal of his for the year.

He said: "I want to be as active as possible, with the plan being to have four fights this year and then hopefully we can secure another big promoter next year.

"I've cut my ties with Queensbury Promotions and I feel I'm getting the activity I need. My plan is to have four fights under my current promotion, hopefully win a title and then join a big promoter in 2023. I feel I'm getting the experience required to take me to that next level."

That title shot will now arrive if the Bradford hitter can claim victory on June 18.

Looking ahead to his next bout and a potential title shot, Jahanzeb said: "It's difficult to match a fight for me at these smaller shows, so I don't think I'll know my opponent until further down the line.

"But it won't be an issue because I train and prepare for any circumstance. I've had to deal with fighters pulling out at the last minute before and I may have to this time too, but it won't fase me. I'll be prepared in the best possible way."

Jahanzeb added: "I'm not thinking about my title shot just yet because I have to get the victory in June first. Then I will start thinking about it.

"As a boxer you must take one fight at a time and take each day as it comes. June 18 is what's first, so I'll be focusing all my attention on to that fight. If I don't do that then I may slip up. I can't allow myself to do that if I want to continue pushing forwards."

Jahanzeb is into the swing of things, with camp training well underway.

He said: "Training is going well. I'm always training, so I never really have to restart for a new camp. The intensity goes up a notch, but I'm always ready to push myself further.

"The chemistry between the team is great, I feel sharp and I feel physically brilliant, so I'll definitely be ready to go to war on June 18."

Jahanzeb added: "It's just a shame that Louie Lynn won't take the rematch (fought in September) because I'd be confident about getting the victory."