BRADFORD Deaf Centre B retained their place at the top of the Bradford & District Sunday School Billiards League table, as previous joint leaders Pudsey A suffered a bizarre night.

They suffered a disastrous 4-0 home defeat to Princeville C, but in their defence, their preparations were thrown into chaos when upon arrival at the venue in Pudsey, the teams discovered it had been booked out for another event.

Pudsey A had to hastily switch their fixture to Great Horton Conservative club in Bradford but then suffered that whitewash.

It was a much more relaxed night for Bradford Deaf Centre B after a 3.5- 0.5 win away to Princeville B.

Princeville A are now their nearest challengers.

Meanwhile, Pudsey B, who should have been playing at the same venue in Pudsey, had to switch their fixture to the one table venue at Pudsey Congs.

These commendable workarounds by the Pudsey teams got their matches played but did not help their results, as they only managed to pick up one point between them, with the B team going down 3-1 to Princeville A.


Princeville B 0.5 BFD Deaf Centre B 3.5

Princeville D 3 BFD Deaf Centre A 1

Pudsey A 0 Princeville C 4

Pudsey B 1 Princeville A 3


C Jarvis (Princeville D) 54 & 52, R Bowes (Pudsey B) 47 & 30

T Kershaw (Princeville A) 30, S Kershaw (Princeville B) 30


Bfd Deaf Centre B 13.5

Princeville A 12

Princeville C 11

Princeville D 11

Pudsey A 10

Bfd Deaf Centre A 9

Princeville B 7.5

Pudsey B 6