HERE are this week's angling lines from Leeds & District A.S.A. and Listerhills A.A.


The financial meeting was held on Thursday. One disappointing factor was the poor attendance.

The result of Sunday's match at Moor Monkton Pools saw P. Carter win with 110lb 13oz, and S. Willis come second with 60lb 1oz.

Third place went to A. Warren with 47lb 10oz.

The trout season is now open, but on rivers, certain bait bans apply.

No meat or cereal baits are to be used, and no maggots are allowed either.

The only permitted baits are worm, artificial lures and flies.


The towpath on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal is closed from just above Dobson Lock.

This is to enable work on the towpath to be carried out. Other lengths of the canal are open.