PREDICTABLY the West Leeds Motor Club were right on target for their opening novice and beginner's trial at Post Hill on Saturday afternoon.

Forty eight competitors dropped in to ride a dryish woodland course that included ten sections. The observing scores reflected in age and skills in three classes.

Paul Kettlewell rode his Sherco dropping five marks in Section 3 to take the hard route class, Anthony Wood won the middle route category on a modest seventeen score while 60 plus Keith Normington stormed the easy course for just a stop in section three on lap two. That section was probably the most difficult for all three classes. In view of the recent snow and rain clerk of course Jeff Prior and his team plotted a course that was exactly right.

The Club will stage the second event in the series in a fortnight and the numbers could be well up.

Only downside on Saturday was competitors manning sections because of lack of observers. Sadly long - standing member John Arnold Teal passed away on January 31.


Novice course: 1 Paul Kettlewell

(Sherco) 5, 2 Christopher Hunt (Gas Gas) 8 fc, 3 Chris Hirst (Vertigo) 10.

Over 40's: 1 Gareth Fenton (Montesa) 105.

Over 50's: 1 Steven Fowler (TRS) 8 fc, 2 Christopher Johnson (Gas Gas) 16, 3 Stewart Oughton (Beta) 28.

Over 60's: 1 Robin Luscombe (BSA) 19 2 Dave Lamin (Vertigo) 30, 3 Mark Forster (Gas Gas) 33.

Pre - 65: 1 Matt Chambers (Triumph) 12.

Youth Class B: Thomas Hutchinson (Beta) 89.

50/50 course.

Novices: 1 Thomas Green (Honda) 29, 2 Andrew Kershaw (Montesa) 55, 3 Simon Cassidy (TRS) 120.

Over 40's: Matthew Morrell (Beta) 21,

Over 50's: 1 Anthony Wood (TRS) 17, 2 Nigel Pearson (Honda) 43, 3 Ged Falllon (TRS) 48 mc.

Over 60's: 1 Michael Ward (Beta) 35,

Pre-65: Michael Clarke (|Triumph) 34.

Beginner's course.

Novices: 1 Elliott George (Montesa) 25, Christopher May (Montesa0 53, 3 Andy Turver (Beta) 55.

Over 40's: Simon Lehane (Montesa) 68.

Over 50's: 1 Andrew Hirst ((Montesas) 18, David Lowe (Beta) 53 mc

Over 60's: 1 Keith Normington (Beta) 10, 2 Steve Wicks (Sherco) 39, 3

Arthur Hemsworth (Beta) 40.