BRADFORD Deaf Centre and Pudsey will contest the final of the team knockout competition at Great Horton Conservative Club on Tuesday, February 22 in the Bradford & District Sunday School Billiards League.

Both sides overturned small first leg deficits in the return fixtures of their semi finals against the two teams from Princeville


Princeville A (766) 1628 Bfd Deaf Centre (1044) 1898

Pudsey (884) 1701 Princeville B (806) 1642


R Bowes (Pudsey) 60, 32 & 34 unf, M Cockcroft (Princeville A) 43, I Hussain (Bfd Deaf Centre) 34

The Deaf Centre were off to a flying start away to Princeville A comfortably overturning their eight-point deficit from the first leg.

From then on, they just ran away with the game for a very easy victory.

Pudsey looked like doing the same after the first few games of their match, with Richard Bowes' three breaks of over 30 giving them an ideal start.

Princeville B put up a bit more of a fight than their A team however, and it was only in the last 15 minutes of the final game that Pudsey eventually saw off the challenge of their opponents.

Tomorrow (February 14) sees the start of a new experimental three-man team competition, in which several ideas are being trialled ahead of a discussion in the summer regarding the format for next season's competitions.

The matches are being played on Mondays (instead of the normal Tuesdays) and each game will finish after 50 minutes, rather than being played to a target score.

There will also be rolling handicaps, so any win or loss by more than 20 points will result in a player's handicap changing for the next match.

Eight teams have entered the tournament.