"A thumbs up to the RFU" were the words used by Old Grovians head coach Andy Hinchcliffe, following their decision to postpone relegation at the start of this campaign.

The decision was made in line with the league restructures that took place before the season, along with the ever growing problems that the pandemic had caused.

And because of that, no teams will be relegated from the Yorkshire Two Division, the league in which Old Grovians play their rugby.

It has come as a huge relief to Grovians and their boss, Hinchcliffe.

He said: "With there being no relegation this year, we are taking it as a transitional year to recover and prepare for next season.

"And because of that I've rarely looked at the league table this season. Yes, we might be second from bottom, but this year is all about transition and building.

"One of our lads put it really well. He said it's like a nine month pre-season and effectively it is.

"It's given us the chance to build the team, build the infrastructure and build the relationships with other people this season.

Hinchcliffe added: "It's massive for us and it's a credit to the RFU for deciding this ruling so quickly, and they got it right particularly in the aspect that teams can still gain promotion, who are ready to.

"But for the vast majority of clubs at our level, I think it was important that the decision was made to postpone relegations for a season."

Old Grovians return to action this Saturday when they host Ripon.