SKYRAKES Moor was not the place to be on Sunday morning but eighty six trials riders thought otherwise despite a freezing north east wind and a thermometer reading of just four degrees Centigrade.

The totally exposed moor high above Gargrave was waterlogged and the Bradford Motor Club officials toiled on Saturday to mark out a trials course and avoid the bike swallowing bogs. The east valley was more or less no-go and the trial started along the wall adjacent.

The first section scaled the steep gradient near the fourteenth section under the one and only tree on the moor. The second and third were halfway down the the valley then the hill climb, famed when a photographer scaled it on hands and knee clutching a Nikon camera. From section five to eleven were at the north boundary with the penultimate rock climb overlooking Gargrave.

Needless to report the trial was another demonstration of skills by Harry and George. Harry’s dab in section one blotted his result while George matched his bother then took a two on lap one in the seventh section. Notable also that Hemingway cousin Alfie Lampkin posted a fifth overall on the hard course.

That boy is coming up the ranks fast! David Petty took the Clubman A Class from Ryan Crowder while Paul Jackson rode his pristine Honda TLR to victory in Clubman B .tracked by Bantam mounted Robin Luscombe.


Championship course.

Experts: 1 Ben Hemingway (Beta) 5, 2 Dan Hemingway (Beta) 10, 3 Danny Cockshott (Vertigo) 37.

Inters: 1 Will Tolson (Beta) 17, 2 Sam Boocock (Sherco) 37, 3Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 42,

Novices: 1 Tom Middleton (Vertigo) 6, 2 Daniel Smith (Sherco) 26, 3 Richard Mellon (Vertigo) 33.

Youth Class A: 1 Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) 7, 2 Joshua MaParland (Scorpa) 38, 3 Charlie Cripps (Beta) 40.

Youth Class B: 1 Harry Heignway (Beta) 1, 2 George Hemingway (Beta) 3, 3 Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 31.

Clubman A.

Novices: 1 David Petty (Beta) 27, 2 Ryan Crowder (Beta) 31, 3 Errol Brown (Vertigo) 40.

Over 50: Mark Chippendale (Vertigo) 98.

Youth Class B: 1 Jamie Sharp (Beta) 69, 2 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 77, 3 Harry Bayman (TRS) 108.

Clubman B.

Novices: 1Andrew Walters (TRS) 13. 2 Pete Hollingworth (Beta) 24, 3 Gareth Carr (Montesa) 37.

Over 50’s: 1 Paul Jackson (Honda) 2, 2 Robin Luscombe (BSA) 12, 3 Stewart Oughton (Beta) 13.

Youth Class A: LucyAyrton (TRS) 36

Youth Class B: 1 Jimmy Crabtree (Beta) 32. 2 Archie Wellock (Beta) 130.

Youth Class C: 1 Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 81, 2 Oliver Petty (Beta) 101.


Novices: 1 Mike Frizzell (Beta) 16, 2 Nicholas Bayman (TRS) 18.

Youth Class B: 1 Luke Pearson (TRS) 82 Flynn Collings (Beta) 10, 3 Jamie Preston (Beta) 28.

Youth Class D: 1 Koby Smith (Beta) 12, 2 William Blackwell (Oset) 16.