BRADFORD Motor Club members enjoy a challenge and last Sunday was some test.

Steve Fairbrother camped out for four days plotting a testing four lap trials course in monsoon weather. Team Ayrton also spent a damp weekend in the Allan Jefferies Trial country especially Redmire Farm at Buckden.

The sections tested sixty eight riders who took part in the trial. Four laps of ten sections was the programme which turned out to be a tad on the hard side judging by the scores. The first five sections were up a limestone gulley behind the farm, the next five were in a rocky outcrop in the field where a lot of the marks were lost.

The torrential rain on Saturday had an effect on the scores. The venue is another new one for Bradford and District Motor Club which is probably more suited to being used in dryer conditions.

Anthony Ayrton won the hard route class and his TRS score was seventy penalties which was twenty four less than novice contender Richard Mellon. Only six completed the class out of ten starters. Classes A and B who were mainly adults followed the pattern with the exception of Class B winner John Holdsworth and runner-up John Maxfield who clocked thirty four and thirty eight.

The Club also ran a Beginners class for all ages and that was won by Megan Holdsworth – just, from Class B boy Flynn Collings. Francesca Rymer paddled her was round knowing full well she had to work overtime on Sunday evening working out the final results, Fran did just that – in record time!


Championship course.

Inters: 1 Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 70, 2 Harvey Taglione (Vertigo) 94, 3 Adam Elliott (TRS) 128.

Novices: 1 Richard Mellon (Vertigo) 94, 2 Adam Howling (Vertigo) 122.

Clubman A: Inters: 1 Joe Snee (Vertigo) 97, 2 Jonathan Baker (Beta) 101, 3 Luke Sellars (Montesa) 109.

Novices: 1 David Petty Beta) 50, 2 Richard Crabtree (Montesa) 69, 3 Shaun Lightfoot (Vertigo) 95.

Youth Class A: 1 Mason Carter (TRS) 102.

Youth Class B: 1 Zachary Sellers (Beta) 118, 2 Charlie Petty (Beta) 127.

Clubman B.

Novices: 1 Andrew Walters (Montesa) 40, 2 Peter Hollingworth (Beta) 54, 3 Bethanie Dunning (Beta) 64.

Over 50’s: John Holdsworth (Fantic) 34, 2 John Maxfield (BSA) 37, 3 Michael Winstanley (TRS) 52.

Youth Class A: 1 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 72.

Youth Class B: Guy Whalley (TRS) 75, 2 Jimmy Crabtree (Gas Gas) 142.

Youth Class C: Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 148.


Novices: 1 Megan Holdsworth (Gas Gas) 18, 2 David Lowe (Beta) 24, 3 Francesca Rymer (Beta) 32.

Youth Class B:1 Flynn Collings (Beta) 19, 2 Archie Wellock (Beta) 28, 3 Ruby Lawrie (Beta) 80.

Youth Class D: William Blackwell (Gas Gas) 54.