THE Scott Trial on Saturday was sensational as ever in its one hundred and seven year history of cross country events. The one lap event, reputed to be bordering seventy miles, attracted top British riders from former world champion, and winner, Dougie Lampkin as well as five other winners.

The entry list featured competitors from all parts of the British Isles plus the Isle of Man and Dublin plus the Ulster province. Just to add to the entry list French ace Benoit Dagnicourt travelled over from Nemours to sample the Yorkshire countryside. Benoit’s total score including time faults was 124.

Not bad at all, but Guy Kendrew sped round in just 5 hours- 17 minutes and 56 seconds thereby penalising the rest of the field. Only winner Jack Price and Minehead’s Billy Green managed to keep near to keep time faults down to six. Even former winner James Dabill and Richard Sadler incurred damaging time penalties.

Skeeby’s Jonathan was favourite to post fastest time but ran out of fuel and the time lost swept away his chances and with observation losses dropped him to thirteenth place, Former winner Dougie Lampkin took a heavy fall that delayed him but the forty year Vertigo importer still rode to fifth best on observation score.

As for winner Jack Price the result was stunning. The Huddersfield Vertigo rider won the British Championship then more or less dropped out of trialling for quite a long time but he came back on Sunday in style.