TEAM Ayrton toiled on Saturday at Town End Farm plotting a trials course for the Bradford Motor Club members on Sunday morning.

Due probably to very adverse weather forecasts, only twenty two members arrived to ride a ten section course that took in the deep ravine and it's river, sometime stream.

The natural hazards are in abundance. Eight sections were based in the beck aka river or stream. The ninth was high above near an electric power pylon with a finale back down in the beck. Seem the airwaves carried well because Will Tolson heard about the trial in Huddersfield and Ben Ludgate surfaced from Leeds to grab some action.

They were first and second on the hard route beating the guy that did most of work on Saturday. You just can't win Ant.

Richard Crabtree took the Clubman A class while Stewart Oughton grabbed Clubman B where Crabtree brothers Jimmy and Bobby nailed a second and class win for the latter.


Championship course.

Inters: Will Tolson (Beta) 11, 2 Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 20.

Novices: 1 Ben Ludgate (Beta) 12, 2 Richard Mellon (Vertigo) 18, 3 Jake Weatherill (Sherco) 24.

Youth Class B: Josh Pearson (Vertigo) 27.

Clubman A course: 1 Richard Crabtree (Montesa) 9, 2 Jonathan Baker (Beta) 16, 3 Michael Wilson (Gas Gas) 24.

Clubman B course.

Over 50's: 1 Stewart Oughton 5, 2 Neil Whalley 25 mc, 3 Peter Hollingworth 25. (All Beta).

Youth Class A: Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 34

Youth Class B: 1 Guy Whalley (TRS) 30, 2 Jimmy Crabtree (Gas Gas) 38.

Youth Class C: Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 88.