NOT many golfers live to tell the tale of striking a hole in one from a Par Four tee, but a Bradford golfer achieved exactly that last weekend.

Taking part in the Bradford Union President’s Day at Northcliffe on Sunday, Andrew Busfield of South Bradford Golf Club pulled off a genius stroke.

The event is held annually at Northcliffe and the Union invite a number of golfers from the surrounding areas.

And it was on hole three, when Busfield drove the ball down the fairway and to his and his partners’ surprise (James Meredith and Trevor Parr), a mesmerising Par Four, hole in one was scored.

The Bradford man couldn’t quite believe what he’d done.

He said: “It may be normal to get asked how many hole in ones you’ve got from a Par Three, but from a Par Four, it’s something you just don’t expect. I was shocked when I found out it went in on the first swing.

“It happened on the third hole and the following two holes I was in a world of my own.”

“But to be honest, when it happened, it was my playing partners who were more amazed. My partners had never seen a hole in one before from a Par Four.

“We actually couldn’t find the ball to start off with. We saw it pitch off at the front of the green and then we couldn’t see it.

“Our initial thoughts were that it had hit the bunker, but as we got closer and started looking for it, James (one of the partners) found it in the hole.”

Busfield added: “His reaction is one I won’t forget. James started running around the green with his hands in the air. I just don’t think we all could quite believe it; it was a huge shock to me and my partners.”

Sunday’s event wasn’t the only one Busfield has taken part in this season. As part of the South Bradford Golf Club, the hole in one star has managed to take part in several competitions and events throughout the year.

When asked about his season’s form, Busfield admitted that he was surprised to have seen his performances improve from previous years.

He said: “It’s been great to be back playing consistently, that’s for sure, but my situation is a hard one to explain really.

“Usually, as you get older, you feel you’re going to get a bit weaker and less consistent. But I’ve experienced the opposite because I’ve been hitting the ball better than I have done for a long, long time.

“And I think hitting that hole in one has topped off my year nicely. Someone from the clubhouse told me about the odds of hitting a hole in one from a Par Four, and it was something crazy like sixty-six million to one.

“So, to finish my season off in that way is something I’m extremely proud of.”

Busfield’s final event is on Wednesday.