BRADFORD & Bingley were back in action in North One East over the weekend after being unable to raise a team to face Pocklington, and they found themselves involved in a 91-point thriller.

Sadly, they were well beaten in the end, losing the clash at Wagon Lane 59-32 to visiting Scarborough.

Neither side will remember the game as a defensive masterclass, but it was superb entertainment played in glorious conditions, with both sides throwing the ball around and trying to score from all areas of the field.

Initially it looked like it may be a very long day at the office for the Bees, as Scarborough breezed into a 12-point lead after six minutes, with both of their wingers getting over the whitewash.

After that initial shock, the Bees did calm things down somewhat, although a string of poor tackles in the middle of the field allowed the visitors to get back on the front foot when good defensive work had pressed them back into their own half.

It took until the 23rd minute for Scarborough to extend their lead, when Bees debutant Will Sagar managed to break up an attack but then inadvertently flipped out a pass to an open Scarborough player, who jogged home for a converted score.

The concession of a fourth try in the 26th minute certainly seemed to galvanise something in the Bees ranks and it was now the home side’s turn to press forward in attack.

Joe Daley broke a couple of tackles and before a final Scarborough defender was able to wrestle the big second rower to the floor, he popped a deft pass out to full-back Cameron Bainbridge, who was galloping up in support.

Bainbridge burst over the line to the left of the posts to make it 24-5 and it was the same player who was the key man in the B&B's next score.

As Scarborough pressed near the home line, the ball bobbled loose and Bainbridge gathered it up.

He looked up to survey his options and as everyone anticipated a clearance kick, he skipped to his left and was suddenly one-on-one with the Scarborough winger.

Bainbridge set off up the touchline and as the Scarborough defence pursued him out of the B&B 22, the ball was slipped to Henry Reed-Purvis, who was on the outside.

He needed no further invitation and pinned his ears back and headed for the Scarborough line to score.

The Bees continued to build the pressure and were rewarded with a third try on 37 minutes.

The sides turned round at 24-15 in favour of the visitors and its certainly felt like anyone could win it at that stage.

But the second half opened in a similar vein to the first and the visitors ran in three more score in the first 10 minutes, largely as a result of Bees errors, with two of the scores coming from interceptions.

As the hour mark arrived, it was again looking like it would be a long afternoon for the Bees defence, as Scarborough stretched their advantage to 52-20.

In the final quarter, B&B were once more on the front foot and although the visitors tagged on their final score after 67 minutes, the home side collected a fourth try and a bonus point and then went over for a fifth score with five minutes to play.

The Bees are rooted to the foot of the table still though, with minus four points after two defeats and that concession to Pocklington.