SIR - I first came to Bradford in 2017, from the Netherlands. My now partner took me to a City game back when they were in League One. As a young girl I played football in a boys team and went to see one professional football match (De Graafschap - Vitesse in the Netherlands which would be the equivalent of Bradford City playing Leeds).

I could never have dreamed of having a seasons ticket to the footy. Over the years while I lived in Ireland I visited Bradford and even got a flexi ticket for the 2019 season. Eventually I moved here and I now have a season ticket to Bradford City. Last night I came to the realisation that this little girl now stood in a massive football stadium, supporting a club she'd never heard of but that is well worth supporting. I now play for a women's team as well and it's great to see women's football on the rise.

Thanks to Bradford City and its fans for making Bradford feel like home.

Marjory Jager, Charlestown, Baildon