THE Hemingway brothers demonstrated their extraordinary talent on two wheels on Sunday at exposed Skyrakes Moor, north of Skipton.
The two Class B boys turned in score cards of three and four.

 John Kershaw plotted the one mile lap high above Gargrave, and he rang the changes with a clockwise lap overlooking Gargrave and headed north along the rock escarpment.

Brian Ayrton was on the penultimate thirteenth section which had the makings of a stopperbut even after a spell of torrential rain the section was cleaned.
Apart from Danny Gamble, the rest of the hard route runners – adozen in total, the Hemmos were excellent.

Father Dan dropped three. 

Paul Kettlewell walked away with the 50-50 class while Thomas Jackson and Thomas Green took the Clubman class in a farthest clean decider.