THE Wainwright Shield Trial took place at Marsett under the S3 Parts Championship title and attracted more than 153 competitors from all parts of the British Isles.

The Shield commemorates a young club member who died and his dedication as a trials organiser created the direction of the Wetherby Motor Club that led to world and British events taking place in Nidderdale and Marsett.

Raydale Farm hosted the trial where a two- lap 24-section course tested three classes.

Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler just held off Malton’s Ian Austermuhle and Glasshouses electrician Danny Gamble for the top award.

Gas rig engineer Roger Williams rode his Beta machine to victory in the Clubman category. West Leeds Motor Club member Nigel Crowther won the Over-40s class but only after a tie decider with Sheffield competitor Darren Wasley.

Results: Class A: 1 Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 7, 2 Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 8, 3 Danny Gamble (Beta) 14, 4 John Crinson (Montesa) 16, 5 Tom Middeton (Vertigo) 19, 6 Jack Stones (Vertigo) 21.

Class D: 1 Roger Williams (Beta) 11, 2 Miles Jones (Montesa) 15 mc, 3 Richard Fraser (Sherco) 15, 4 Richard Mellon (Vertigo) 19, 5 Thomas Fraser (Gas Gas) 19, Julian Harvey (Sherco) 21.

Class E: 1 Nigel Crowther (Vertigo) 19 mc, 2 Darren Wasley (Gas Gas) 19, 3 Ian Hopley (TRS) 18 mc, 4 Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 27, 5 Alistair Dalton (Beta) 30 mc, 6 Stuart Hall (Beta) 36.

Summary- 150 starters, 11 retirees, 8 non-starters.

Special awards. The Wainwright Shield – Richard Sadler. Runner-up: Ian Austermuhle. Third: Danny Gamble 1st Clubman – Roger Williams, second Miles Jones, third Richard Fraser.

The Horsforth club headed north to Greenhow on Sunday and staged the second round of the Simon Green Motor Engineers championship trial.

The entry numbers were good with a total of 52 competitors riding an eight section curse devised by Russ Brodie and Nige Pearson.

The Small Wheels rode six sections four times. Jake Walker won the hard route class from top Over-50s winner Steven Fowler and novice Harry Mcloughlin.

Trials UK boss Nige Pearson and Michael Kettlewell topped Clubman A and were also the top two Over-50s.

Peter Jarman just held off Otley youngster Jimmy Crabtree for Clubman B Encouraging was the word in the Small Wheels class with nine contestants. Joshua Tate and Alfie Dykes were the star performers.

Results: Hard route: Novices: 1 Jake Walker (Gas Gas) 7, 2 Harry McLoughlin (Beta) 17, 3 William Midgley (Beta) 20.

Over-50s: 1 Steven Fowler (Beta) 12, 2 Kevin Alderson (Gas Gas) 34.

Youth Class B: 1 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 45, 2 Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 47.

Clubman A: Novices: 1 Matthew Morrell (Gas Gas) 17, 2 Gareth Fenton (Montesa) 36.

Over-50s: 1 Nigel Pearson (Sherco) 13, 2 Michael Kettlewell TRS) 15, 1 Nick Hammerton (Honda) 24.

Clubman B: Novices: 1 Stephen Ellis (Gas Gas) 9, 2 Ged Fallon (TRS) 10, 3 Simon Cassidy (Montesa) 12.

Over-60s: 1 Peter Jarman (Beta) 4, 2 John Brodie (Gas Gas) 5, 3 David Shepherd (Honda) 18.

Youth Class B: 1 Jimmy Crabtree (Gas Gas) 5, 2 Callum Edmondson (Beta) 22, 3 Alfie Carney (No machine) 31. Youth Class C: Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 7.

Small Wheels: Yellow route: 1 Joshua Tate (Oset) 11, 2 Tate Croft (Mecatecno) 21, 3 Evie-Rae Edmundson (Oset) 51.

White route: 1 Alfie Dykes (Oset) 12, 2 Tiom Mitchell (Oset) 50.

Weekend Fixture List: Saturday: Wulfsport A.C.U. British Trials Championship, Lustleigh, Devon 9.30am. Ripon Motor Club: Round 4 Summer Series trial, Potgate Quarry, North Stainley, 3pm Sunday: Darlington & D.M.C. Trial, Braidley, Coverdale, 11am. Yeadon-Guiseley M.C. Trial, Brimham Rocks, 11am.