BULLS scrum-half Jordan Lilley was delighted to score a try of his own in the fine win over York on Sunday, while he also had the pleasure of seeing his best friend Ashton Golding cross the line for the first time in the red, amber and black.

He couldn't help but admit he was bemused by York's complaints over the small size of the pitch though, calling some of their actions "embarrassing".

Focusing on why he was able to score his try first, he said: "My try is all down to Broughy (Danny Brough) taking some responsibility off me.

"I can focus on a bit of running and I don't have to control as much. Last year I was trying to do too much.

"It's good that I can take defenders on so I'll continue to do that for as long as I can."

Lilley then spoke a bit more in depth about why he let all his emotions out when he crossed the line:

Golding and Lilley grew up together at Stanningley, and the former's try just before the break seemed to break York's spirit.

A delighted Lilley enthused: "When I got a call from John Kear and Mark Dunning to say he was coming over I was made up.

"He's my best friend and someone you want to be on the field with, a tough character and a tough athlete who'll play anywhere.

"He came in at hooker to give Tom Doyle a rest and went over the line. I'm thrilled he's here with me and I'm hoping we can keep him a bit longer."

Bulls had no problems with the pitch being temporarily smaller than usual, to make room for stock car racing, but York certainly did, and addressing that, Lilley said: "Odsal's a massive field so it was obviously different.

"There was a lot of moaning and groaning over the week, especially from the York side of things.

"Watching them before the game measuring it out as if there was something they could do about it was quite embarrassing.

"Both teams have got to play on that field, so it's no advantage to us.

"We like to play expansive rugby, and throw the ball around, which is what you saw us do at London last week.

"It didn't benefit either team, having the smaller pitch, but it's a rugby game at the end of the day and we're both fighting to try and win.

"The team that does that consistently will come away with the two points and that's what we did."

Bulls have come a long way since the humiliating opening day defeat against Sheffield and Lilley thinks they should be aiming for the stars given their six wins on the spin.

He said: "I think we can challenge the likes of Featherstone and Toulouse.

"People will tell us to give over but if you're going into those games and thinking you can't win then what's the point in playing?

"You might as well give them a 24-0 win if you're going to have that attitude. For me, I sit there confident and say, 'bring on Toulouse, bring on Featherstone, bring on the top teams'.

"Let's go toe to toe on the field and see where we're at. If we fall short so be it, but at least we'll know.

"I do think this team can go far, if we can keep players fit and keep recruiting to strengthen us.

"I'm excited to see where it can go. The aim is the play-offs and anything can happen there, as it's knockout football."