A MOTION of no confidence in the National League Board failed yesterday afternoon, despite the majority of clubs voting to pass it.

There were 33 votes for it, including from Bradford (Park Avenue), and only 29 against, but the bulk of that 29 came from National League clubs, who hold one vote each, as opposed to four per division in the National League North and South.

But Avenue’s director of football Martin Knight said: “We voted for no confidence but there are bigger challenges in the National League than where the voting rights go.

“I’m not sure there’s an appetite to change that, and that’s just the way it is, that it’s weighted towards the National League.

“Realistically, those who didn’t vote for it probably did so because they didn’t know what the alternative would be.

“The worry is what’s lost and those National League clubs, especially those that have invested heavily, won’t have wanted to potentially jeopardise promotion to the EFL and risking that puts doubt in their minds.

“Notts County have pinned their hopes on it, and they’re already set to lose their EFL funding for their academy if they don’t go up this season.

“Think about the European Super League, there was a big reaction to that, and a lot of it was around them wanting rid of relegation.

“But you’ll have a US system if you get rid of promotion and relegation and the pyramid we have offers that hope.

“In theory, Bradford (Park Avenue) could win the Champions League one day with what we have now.

“I don’t know what conversations took place behind closed doors, but I can understand why clubs didn’t vote against the board.”

Knight also reasoned: “It’s not as simple as a no confidence vote and trying to look at this both ways, a lot of the people who it was felt were causing the issues, have gone or are going, like the CEO and the chairman.

“We don’t know yet if the new board is fit for purpose, time will tell.

“We were planning for the status quo to remain the same, so nothing has changed on that front going into the new season.”

And Knight is positive heading into 2021/22 for Avenue.

He said: “It’s exciting, as not having fans last season, it was like training, not real games.

“You’ve seen with the National League having fans back in the last couple of weeks, what a difference that makes, as they get behind the players and get on the referee’s back.

“We’ve got a good pre-season programme coming together which will test us, and give us a chance to look at trialists.

“Mark Bower and Danny Boshell are going into the second year of their three-year contracts so we’re comfortable there.

“Our captain Luca Havern has re-signed, as has our vice, Nicky Clee. Isaac Marriott and Brad Dockerty are staying with us, and Mitch Lund is going to.

“We can virtually put out a full team now, who we know can compete at this level and on the 3G pitch we have.

“Two or three more have signed pre-contracts but they still have clubs so we can’t announce those yet.

“There’s been improvements in infrastructure and we’ve got that partnership with West Bowling, which more people can come and see and enjoy now.

“Off the field, it’s going really well and on it, we’ve now got games to look forward to, with that nucleus of a squad.”