THE West Leeds Motor Club staged their second novice and beginners trial at Birstall, where Bumpy Technical School hosted the event in the dense woodlands on the estate.

Forty-eight competitors of all ages and sizes rode a four-lap ten-section event, which featured steep climbs and turns to test the riders’ abilities.

This was followed by torrential rain, which arrived in mid-afternoon and turned the woods into a mud bath.

Despite the change in conditions, Jake Walker, Andrew Hirst, Simon Cassidy and Keith Normington signed off as class winners with penalty-free rides.


1st Jake Walker (Gas Gas) 0

2nd Chris Hirst (Vertigo) 4

3rd Daniel Hole (Gas Gas) 10

Over 40s

1st John Hindle (TRS) 30

2nd Ian Barrett (TRS) 62

Over 50s

1st Steven Fowler (Beta) 8

2nd Christopher Johnson (Gas Gas) 37

3rd Richard Hall (Beta) 72

Over 60s

1st Mark Chippendale (Vertigo) 37

2nd Steve Jackson (TRS) 109

Youth Class A

1st James Clark (Sherco) 72

50/50 COURSE


1st Stephen Addy (Beta) 23

Over 40s

1st Richard Dodson (Montesa) 13

2nd Gareth Fenton (Montesa) 21

3rd Michael Yeomans (Beta) 22

Over 50s

1st Matthew Morrell (Gas Gas) 13

2nd Graham Wigglesworth (Montesa) 15

3rd Nigel Cockerham (Vertigo) 18

Over 60s

1st Paul Hobson (Beta) 28

2nd Steve Wicks (Sherco) 30 mc

3rd Henry Dixon (Gas Gas) 30

Twin Shock:

1st Michael Clarke (Bultaco) 8



1st Gary Micklethwaite (EME) 5

2nd Paul Outhwaite (Beta) 13

3rd Lucas Magson (Beta) 28

Over 40s

1st Simon Cassidy (Montesa) 0

2nd Simon Lehane (Beta) 23

Over 50s

1st Andrew Hirst (Montesa) 0

2nd Richard Parson (TRS) 3 mc

3rd Jason Lee (Scorpa) 6

Over 60s

1st Nigel Barrett (Beta) 2

2nd Mike Frizzell (Beta) 3

3rd Terry Stead (Beta) 13 mc


1st Keith Normington (Triumph) 0

Youth Class B

1st Callum Edmundson (Beta) 12

Youth Class C

1st Alanna Eagleton (Beta) 73.


Saturday: Ripon Motor Club, beginners and easy trial, Home Farm, Hutton Conyers, 3pm.

Sunday: Wulfsport A.C.U. British Trials Championship, Hook Woods, West Horsley, 9.30am.

Sunday: West Leeds Motor Club, Steve Walker Memorial Trial, Skyrakes, Bog Lane, Skipton, 11am.