LIVERSEDGE have finally got that promotion they craved, and boss Jonathan Rimmington is ambitious about where the club can go.

Sedge had the best points per game record over the past two seasons in the Northern Counties East League Premier Division (Step 5) and were invited to apply for promotion by the FA.

They were successful, and this week have been informed they will be going up to the Northern Premier League East Division (Step 4) for 2021/22, where they will play alongside the likes of Brighouse Town.

Rimmington said: “We felt it was always going to happen (promotion) this year. We’d heard early on in the season about an FA restructure, but it was just whether it went ahead or not.

“We kept a low profile, didn’t engage in any tittle tattle, and it’s good news for us.

“Our chairman deserves credit, because we’re rebuilding the squad already and have brought good players in, which is important as the league looks tough.

“I’m really pleased, because those players have the right mentality too and we want to progress.

“Hopefully, we’ll confirm another striker and winger in the coming days, as we’re a bit light in those positions and need more firepower.”

He added: “We have let five lads go too, in Ash Flynn, Nicky Boshell, Carl Stewart, Michael Bottomley and Alex Lill.

“It was just a case of balancing the budget and some had to go to get others in, it’s nothing against them.

“Some of those lads were on a lot of money too, and by getting one of them out, it’s allowed us to bring two in.”

Asked what he expects from his revamped side, Rimmington said: “The squad we’ll have by August will be strong, but there are some big clubs in our new division, who’ll be able to sign players we can’t afford.

“But we’re still going to have a go and try to win every game.

“We’ve got that fire in us because we were disappointed in going out of the FA Vase to Hebburn (2-1 in the last-32 last month).

“We played four games to try and prepare for it and that ended up being a couple of games too many.

“We picked up thigh and ankle injuries, and were missing key men like Joe Walton and Adam Field, while Kevy Tarangadzo played but he wasn’t fit.

“I didn’t think Hebburn were that good and I reckon we’d have won with a full team.”

The FA Vase is in the past, with Liversedge’s focus now on the post-season Yorkshire Trophy tournament.

Sedge drew the first match in their group 2-2 with Golcar United on Tuesday night, and Rimmington said: “We’re going to try and win it.

“But our new signings Ben Atkinson and Kurt Harris haven’t had any training yet, so they’re not taking part, nor are some of our top players like Joe Walton, Joe Kenny and Paul Walker.

“Paul’s been amazing for us, but he’s got a hernia.

“We’re just looking after the squad, but we did have 15 against Golcar, with a couple of trialists, and I won’t stop any lads who want to play from doing so.”