DOUGIE Lampkin again demonstrated his almost mystical skills, riding his Vertigo machine at Addingham Moorside at the weekend.

He did this by riding the thirteen section trials course without incurring a single penalty which bettered the score of Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler by just one penalty. Richard was also intent a adding a fifth victory riding his new Vertigo. Third place went to a Lampkin nephew in fifteen year old Harry Hemingway, who head a list of top level trials names.

Jack Challoner, Ben Hemingway, Jack Peace and Bradley Bullock were just a few of the big names who went down to young Harry. Danny Cockshott and his sidekicks engineered the thirteen section course which had taken a cloudburst the previous evening but the ground was almost dusty.

The Coved rule book prevailed. The twenty five hard course contestants started at section one while Clubman B were dispatched the fifth and the Clubman B travelled east to the ninth section under the cliff face.

The third section to the north boundary was cleaned by Lampkin on all three visits and Jack Challoner on his second lap. Jack Peace just about matched Dougie with two solid rides marred by a stop on lap two but the Sherco was right on top of the section. Richard Sadler’s hopes took a knock with two dabs then a third on the steep twisting rocky sixth section where no rider on the hard route stopped.

The top seven finishers ran clean with exception of Sadler. Ilkley decorator Graham Tales posted a good Clubman A victory riding his Montesa 4RT conversion which is powered by a 315 engine. His ride up the seventh was classy. Adam Thornton and Paul Jackson tied for second place with a pink clad Katy Sunter Thorpe making the section look easy. She took fifth place.

The ‘Terrible Twins’ Phillip Hammond and Robert Hardisty topped the thirty one strong Clubman B entry list with John Bannister claiming third place.

The top youth was Freddie Stephenson who weighed in with tenth overall. The Small Wheels class was healthy with eleven youngsters riding six sections. Cameron Bailey, Sophie Sellers and Tate Croft topped the classes.

Alanna Eagleton gave her new Beta a run to finish second to Sophie Sellers and found the handling slightly different but she will master the bike. Edward Kopasz was riding with his new Raptor Titanium footrests and doing well, so well that the Silsden boy was only six penalties behind Alanna E