JOHN Kear admitted his Bulls players have a lot to learn after their tension-filled 23-22 win over Swinton today, saying that the team’s performances are not matching their results.

Bradford have bounced back from their opening day humiliation against Sheffield to record four victories in a row, but have often failed to convince.

And one player who has shone in Levy Nzoungou could end up missing the rest of the season too with his knee injury.

He is having to serve a three-game ban anyway, after being charged with a dangerous contact offence against Whitehaven last week, but there are much bigger concerns for him.

Delivering the latest update on the big prop, who had fought hard to earn himself a first team spot, Kear said: “Levy’s had his scan, and we’re waiting for the specialist’s result, but the early indications are that it’s a four to six-month injury so that’s not good whatsoever.”

Back to the game earlier, and asked if it is defensively or offensively where Bradford need to improve, Kear said: “I think it’s a culmination of both.

“We need clinical execution in attack, better one-on-one contact, and better decision making. They’re the three things we’ve really got to look at.”

He added: “We’ve some learning to do. At 18-4 up in the first half we were looking comfortable and playing some good stuff.

“But then we came up with an absolutely dreadful defensive effort to allow Luis Roberts to score under the posts and they go in elated.

“We quelled that fire, go up 23-10, but then we just lost all intensity and focus. I really need to investigate why that is, perhaps we need more fitness work, I don’t know.

“I certainly wasn’t happy with how we ended the game, allowing back-to-back tries to turn it from a 13-point lead to a one-point lead, which made everybody very twitchy.

“But we did close it out well at the very end.”

Talking about the current winning streak, Kear said: “We’ve got to be happy with four wins out of five, the Ws are racking up and I’m pleased about that.

“But the performances aren’t racking up at the minute. We’re too inconsistent from one game to the next and too inconsistent within games.

“We’ve had three indifferent second half performances in a row, so we need to look at why that is, though I won’t be sharing it publicly.”

Bulls still have a negative points difference, despite winning four out of five, but Kear said: “As long as we win I’m not bothered, that will apply when we play the likes of York or whoever else in the coming weeks.

“The win is the important thing and that’s what we’ve got. We’d all love to be 40 points up and put our feet up and get a cigar out, but that doesn’t often happen in rugby league. You tend to have to graft away.

“Swinton were in a pretty bad place prior to the game, so they’ll have been very desperate today. I think that was reflected in their effort and execution so credit to them.”