GEORGE Flanagan has become the Bulls’ odd-job man as he ticks off the days until he can play again.

Sunday’s visit to Swinton will mark the halfway point of his 10-game ban for “attacking an opponent’s testicles” during the Challenge Cup defeat at Featherstone in March.

Flanagan, who protested his innocence after being found guilty for a second time, admitted he had considered quitting the sport because he felt so low.

But coach John Kear revealed the experienced hooker is keeping himself part of the group by taking up various behind-the-scenes tasks.

Kear said: “It can be very difficult. The big thing for George is that he’s a gregarious individual.

“He’s a very social person and likes the company. To isolate him would have made it very hard.

“That’s why we try to include him as much as possible and he’s been very good. No job is too small for him.

“Whether he’s sweeping out the changing room or collecting the kit whatever. He’s more than happy to contribute in that way.

“He’s still attending training as regular as always, he’s still enthusiastic and trying to improve.

“On game day, he can’t go onto the field because he’s suspended. But he always attends and sits in the stand doing little jobs so he can actually see the lads play and be round them.

“I’ve also got to applaud the players because they’ve included George in all sorts of things.”

Flanagan could not travel to Cumbria for last Sunday's game against Whitehaven but trained with the academy instead.

Kear added: “He’s keeping himself busy in a positive manner.”