BRADFORD Bulls have this evening released an update regarding the imminent return of fans to stadia, saying they hope to be able to welcome as many people as possible to their Championship home game against Newcastle on May 17.

They admit they will not fully know exactly what approach they can take until next Monday, as they also await news from Kirklees Council on the protocols that would need to be followed in order for Dewsbury's Tetley's Stadium to host the game.

In a club statement, Bulls said: "As you may be aware from the national news coverage, the government is beginning to relax some of the lockdown regulations, including those applying to playing of sport.

"While the Our League television coverage has proved a very welcome addition, I am sure we are all desperate to be able to watch the teams in person, during what is shaping up to be a terrific rugby league season.

"The point of this correspondence is simple, to set out, as fully as we can, the current COVID protocols and our approach to trying to get the maximum number of supporters into the stadium, when supporters are eventually allowed back in.

"We are waiting for the government to explain what the return of spectators to stadia will practically look like. That includes how many can be let in and what form of social distancing will be applied. Different rules may apply to seating and terraces.

"We expect to learn this on May 10.

"Thereafter, local councils have to determine what this actually means to any sports venues they licence, so in our case we need to understand Kirklees Council’s position regarding the Tetley’s Stadium.

"We have already provisionally moved the Newcastle fixture to the Monday (May 17) to at least give us a chance to allow spectators to attend, if the rules, when finally revealed, will permit.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Newcastle Thunder for their co-operation on this matter.

"The club’s position is to try and arrange our fixtures in a way that enable the maximum number of supporters to attend. We hope you agree with this approach.

"We appreciate that this correspondence does not say specifically what we can (or can’t do). We would like to be more certain and hopefully after the announcements on May 10, we will be able to be.

"In the meantime, thank you very much for your patience.

"We will be in touch next week, as soon as we know what we can actually safely deliver."