CONOR Sellars admits City must find more goals next season throughout the team.

Summer recruitment is set to focus heavily on attack with the Bantams the seventh lowest scorers in League Two.

Saturday’s dismal draw with Scunthorpe was the fourth home game in a row when they have failed to score.

Joint boss Sellars said: “Moving forward, we need players already at this club who need to be hitting better numbers next season.

“More players (should be) trying to get into double figures. This comes with work, having a successful team and we’ve still got to try and improve.

“When we took over the role, there were different areas that needed to be improved.

“Defensively, we’d say we have improved. Now the next area we need to work on is the attacking sense.

“The summer is going to be really important with lots of time to work with the players and also recruit ones we feel are going to give us goals.”

City gave Lee Novak his first start since December following the striker’s knee surgery. But Sellars knows the out-of-contract striker will take time to get up to speed.

“He’s a good character and you could see what he’s brought to the team.

“He’s not played for a few months so he’s in that transition to get back to the Lee Novak of before.

“It’s not as easy as just coming back in and being the normal Lee.”

City managed just two shots on target in their final home game of the season – that is becoming a trend as opponents set out to frustrate them.

Sellars added: “You could see their game plan was to get 10-11 behind the ball.

“Early on in our tenure we were playing games where we were more of a counter-attacking team.

“Maybe the opposition didn’t give us the respect that we get now but our possession stats were around 30 to 45 per cent and we were winning games by counter-attacks because they were leaving themselves exposed at the back.

“Now you see team play against us who sit with 11 behind the ball and they’re happy to have the ball in front and not push any bodies forward.”

City have scored 48 league goals - top scorers Cambridge and Exeter are both up to 70.

Final opponents Morecambe still have it all to play for on Saturday to bridge the one-point gap to an automatic promotion place.

Sellars said: “That makes it interesting but from our side we’re looking to improve and finish the season strong.

“Every game we approach, we try and pick a team who can win.”