MOTORCYCLE rider Dean Harrison is frustrated after a year-long absence from competition.

In March last year, Harrison was crowned Bradford's Sportsman of The Year, however the speedster hasn't been able to perform due to the pandemic and claims it's been a "difficult and thoroughly boring year" without racing.

Harrison was also set to defend his Isle of Man Senior TT last June and to his disappointment, he won't get the chance to do so this year either.

Discussing a year of frustration, Harrison said: "In the current climate, its probably been the most boring year of my life, in relation to racing or a lack of racing I should say.

"Everything has been cancelled. There was a couple of races last year, but even they were stopped because of the pandemic.

"Because there are no spectators, competitions can't afford to run, and everything has been driven into the ground.

With competition non-existent, Harrison has also found it difficult to even get out on his bike.

"I haven't been out at all on my bike. The restrictions are so bad, that you can't even ride off-road, for example Park Wood at Tong in Bradford.

"You can usually go there, pay a bit of money and ride there for a full day on the off-road tracks, but I can't even do that.

"It's frustrating, because realistically, you can't do anything."

Harrison is scheduled to get back into action on the weekend commencing June 25, to his relief.

"I'm excited for it. I left on a high and its been dormant since, so I would love to return to winning ways."