LIVERSEDGE are set for a tough test against North East 1st Division side, Hebburn Town, in the FA Vase fourth round this weekend.

Jonathan Rimmington’s side, who still await the FA’s promotion verdict, will travel to the Green Energy Sports Ground for a Saturday kick off.

The fourth round kick off times will be moved as a mark of respect, coinciding with the Duke Of Edinburgh’s funeral.

Manager Rimmington is aware of the challenge his side face.

“They're a good team. We’ve had quite a few reports on them and they’re very good. They’re probably the best team in the North East at this level so it’s going to be tough”, said Rimmington.

Rimmington also added: “We are as ready as we can be, we’ve had four games, but I have to admit it’s caused us a few problems with injuries.

“Preparations have gone well, but I do feel we may have played one game too many.

“We’ve picked up five injuries over the friendlies which isn’t great going into a big game like this.

“Adam Field will definitely be out and our main striker, Joe Walton will most likely miss out, which is a big miss.”

Rimmington was quick to praise the fitness of the squad, after coming back from lockdown and having no football for months.

“We’ve worked on fitness of course after they’ve been out for four months, so we’ve analysed them and had time to have a look at them.

“Most of them have have come back and looked sharp and fit, which is good to see.

After been away for so long, the boss was adamant that the players and staff needed the return of football.

“Mentally, we needed it. Me and the players, we needed a little bit of something back in our lives. It’s been very tough.

Before the season was curtailed, Liversedge remained at the summit of the table in step five, meaning after the FA signalled a restructure of the National League, Liversedge have regained new hope of promotion to step four.

The FA will mainly base their decisions on a points per game basis.

Discussing the matter, Rimmington said: “The National League restructure now means we can apply for promotion to step four.

"I'm sure we will apply because for the last two years, we've been the best side in the North East County. We haven't lost for over a year now, which is a great achievement. To say where we've come from, it's massive."

Rimmington added: "When I first came to Liversedge six years ago, we were towards the bottom of the table. The players and chairman have been amazing. Our management has only played a small part of the club's progression.

"We originally set out a five-year plan, with the main aim being to win football matches every week.

"We started doing that last year. We are also starting to get fans through the gate, with 300-500 fans coming most weeks, so it's really starting to feel like a proper football club and I'm so happy with the progress we've made.”