KEIGHLEY Cougar's man Joshua Chapman has been appointed as the new facilitator for the 'It's Worth Talking About' men's Monday group at Keighley Cougars.

A year after attempting suicide, Chapman has overcome his demons and is now representing the mental health group, 'It's Worth Talking About', the group which helped turn his life around last February.

The mental health service formed in 2020, pre-lockdown, and are a non-profit organisation, who aim to support people who need to talk about their life struggles with those who are in a similar position.

After being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, Chapman almost took his life and after being "dragged " to his first group session, he's not looked back since.

Reflecting on his first meeting, Chapman said, "I suffered a mental breakdown and attempted my own life and about two weeks after that, 'It's Worth Talking About' started.

"It was the very first meeting they had, in my mate’s pub in Keighley. I was basically dragged there. I really didn't want to go.

"In the first meeting, I just sat in the back corner and didn't say a word, but from there I've been to every session and I'll be honest with you, it's changed my life.

"I've always found it helped speaking to people who are in similar situations, so it's a great way to let your feelings be known."

The meetings run on three questions, :how’s your week been? Is there anything specific you've come to talk about? And how can we as a peer support group help you.

Discussing his new role, Chapman said: "As facilitator, we welcome people to the meetings, explain the three questions if there is someone new and effectively, we sit there and listen and offer ourselves for one-on-one support.

"I'm really proud with getting this role, because when I first went to 'It's Worth Talking About', it was the very first meeting, I was struggling with the diagnosis of my Bipolar and I sat in the corner not saying a word.

"Ryan, the founder of the group, a good friend of mine, gave me the confidence to open up and talk about what I went through last year.They've helped to bring me on, and I can't thank them enough. I feel really proud of myself because it shows how far I've come and I'm proud of Ryan, because it's a reflection of all the great work he and the group have put in."

Offering his thoughts on Chapman's new role, Co-Founder Ryan Anderton, said: "From Josh coming to the first few sessions, diagnosed with a mental health condition, not long since attempting to take his own life, to now coming through to be the facilitator of our group. He's come so far and I'm so proud of him."