ILKLEY Town, Campion and Liversedge will finally discover their National League fate after the FA Alliance & Leagues committees have recommended that the non-league restructure takes place.

Ollie Bayliss, National League expert, spoke on his Twitter page regarding the situation:

Under the proposal (which requires FA Council approval) 110 clubs at Step 5-7 will be upwardly moved.

Results from the 19/20 & 20/21 seasons will be used to rank teams.

The process of promoting 30 clubs from Step 7 will be slightly different to that of promoting clubs at Steps 5 & 6.

“It will be determined by the relevant Leagues on the basis of a subjective application process, although sporting data may be taken into account”.

Clubs at Step 3-6 have been asked asked to provide any ‘observations’ on the proposal by 5pm on Friday 16th April.

Clubs at Step 5 & 6 have also been asked to declare if they do not wish to be considered for upward movement.

Ilkley Town, who currently find themselves in step 7 after their season was curtailed, may be one side to benefit from the FA's decision.

Speaking on the matter, manager Simon Armstrong said: "I think it's a case of now, the Step 6 league will decide on who they promote.

"If you are moving from Step 6 to Step 5 or Step 5 to Step 4, then it will be based on points per game over the last two seasons.

"However moving from Step 7 to Step 6, it's not going to be based on points per game.

"I think the priority for Step 7 to Step 6 is based on who fits the bill, regarding the application process and ground grading.

"Now that the restructure is taking place, I do feel we have a good chance of gaining promotion, but we are not taking anything for granted.

"We had a ground grading on Saturday, which went well, however there is a couple of things we still need to do, just to make sure we meet the appropriate grade grounding requirements."