THE Bradford Sunday Alliance League is set to resume with post-season invitational cup competitions from tomorrow.

The teams are split into two categories, which are the Senior Trophy (for Premier Division and Championship teams) and the Intermediate Trophy (Divisions One, Two and Three).

The Senior Trophy contains 16 teams, split across two groups to make the fixtures less congested.

The Intermediate Trophy has 32 teams, divided into four groups of eight. This has been done to ensure that all teams face a minimum of seven other teams.

Teams will undoubtedly be rusty, as they haven’t been able to play for months due to the coronavirus-enforced lockdown, which will make the managers' tactics intriguing to see.

The first few games are likely to see players getting back into their shape when defending and looking for any counter attack opportunities that are presented to them.

Once the tournament gets into a rhythm, you can expect players to be sharper, fitter and calmer under pressure.

A couple of fixtures to look out for on the opening day in the Senior Trophy would be Bolton Woods vs Heaton Athletic and West Bowling vs Wrose Bull.

Woods and Heaton both boast solid defences and rarely concede many, so it could be whoever shows that regular solidity that comes out on top.

West Bowling and Wrose Bull are in close proximity to one another, so there is a sense of a rivalry between the sides, with the winner claiming bragging rights.

While the clash between Division One sides RISlondon and Woodlands stands out on matchday one of the Intermediate Trophy, it is two fixtures on May 9 which catch the eye.

They are Esholt vs Idle United and Eccleshill Lane Ends vs Northern.

Esholt and Idle have quick attackers, and opposition teams are often troubled by long balls over the top for the strikers to chase, with this leading to both teams scoring lots of goals in this way.

Eccleshill and Northern always produce close games, with either team tending to win by one goal or play out a thrilling draw.

But as this fixture is a bit further into the competition, you can expect both sides to really go for it and try to beat the other by a convincing margin.