BULLS head coach John Kear was left crestfallen after today's Easter horror show at Sheffield, saying he couldn't find any positives whatsoever.

The veteran looked shellshocked after the final whistle, with his side gifting tries at will to their opponents, who ended up crossing the line 10 times in a thumping 50-12 win.

Discussing the Championship opener from hell for his side, Kear said: "You tend to concede tries when the opposition have got field position but we're conceding from anywhere.

"It looks as if we don't want to tackle, and when you don't want to do that, they come through you.

"When they do that, they flood through with support and end up under the posts.

"We took our usual position today, which was standing behind the posts moaning and groaning.

"You need enthusiasm, work and desire, and we showed a minimal amount of all that."

Asked if it was a tough result to take, a despondent Kear said: "I think it's worse than that. I can't find any positives whatsoever.

"I didn't see it coming. We massively underperformed, and though Sheffield played really well, we looked soft.

"We've conceded 41 and 50 in our last two games and teams are just coming through us. There's going to have to be a lot of work done.

"We're just getting dominated in every single aspect of the game.

"It's hard to get your head around and it should hurt the players. Whether it hurts enough I don't know.

"We'll see in the response in the next two weeks, but it's going to be a long, long two weeks it really is.

"There's going to be a big inquest. It might be Easter Monday for everybody else but it won't be for us.

"It'll be a very tough and difficult working day, and it'll be a tough and difficult working two weeks."

Surprising as it may seem, Kear was not tearing strips off the players at full time, saying: "I've let them know it was unacceptable in the dressing room.

"But it wasn't a rant and rave, it was very calm and calculated, because it was very poor, no doubt about that.

"We met a team that were very enthusiastic and hard-working, and if you look at our team sheet, we felt if we outdid them on those two fronts, we'd win, and I still believe that.

"But we didn't. They absolutely mullered us with their effort and desire, and that's where it's pretty serious, when that's down.

"It doesn't matter what you do with the ball, if you're going to concede 50 points, you're going to have to score 51, and that isn't going to happen.

"There's a lot of soul-searching going to have to go on."

Asked whether two weeks would be enough to bounce back from today's sorry mess, Kear said: "We've only got two, so whether it's enough or not is another point.

"We're playing Halifax and they demolished London (47-14) on Good Friday and we were demolished by Sheffield.

"But it's no good looking at the floor feeling sorry for yourself because it's a tough old competition.

"There must be some sort of response and if there isn't, we need to ask ourselves if we want to play rugby, because that's the type of game it is."

When pushed, Kear admitted there was a small chink of light in the performance against Sheffield, saying: "Billy Jowitt was probably the only positive.

"Our most threatening player was the lad making his debut, because he looked as if he wanted to carry the ball and challenge the opposition."

Jowitt looked good in the second half, which saw Bulls briefly threaten a miracle comeback.

Asked what he told the players at the break, when they found themselves 28-0 down, Kear said: "I told them not to look at the scoreboard and just to get out there and play as if the shirt meant something to them."

One player who has really looked as if he cares since joining is Anthony Walker, with the prop relishing the chance to get stuck into action again after over three years out following the discovery of a rare brain condition.

But he didn't even make the squad today.

Allaying any fears over him suffering a setback, Kear said: "He's doing okay, we're just getting him back up to speed with playing again.

"But there's a lot of people need getting back up to speed on the evidence that we've all just witnessed on the cameras."