BIKE sport comes alive this Easter weekend after a bleak year of inactivity, but under COVID rules which will be strictly adhered to.

All Auto Cycle Union clubs have been given the rules and any breaches of these rules will be dealt with sharply. Already a dozen trials in as many days are marked up on the diary pages

Meanwhile, the female aspect of motorcycle trialling is interesting, with young Ruby Lawrie looking to follow in the footsteps of one of the greats.

Many of the girls in the sport seem to possess a steely determination to succeed and achieve their goals.

A good example comes from a few years ago at a national trial.

One young lady was distraught after failing the first two sections of the day, and had to be comforted at a great length by her mother and a former rider.

After that pep talk, the youngster left to complete the third stage of the day.

She was Emma Bristow, who has since gone on to become a world champion.

There are several strong girls on the Yorkshire trials scene at present, but it is 13-year-old Lawrie who bares most resemblance to Bristow with her similar riding style.

The Otley girl, a St Mary's School pupil at Menston, controls her Oset machine in a very precise way, no matter what the difficulty of the terrain is.

With two class victories in the last two years, the talented Lawrie has ridden at the full trials route at Tong and the testing Skyrakes Farm moorland course.

The latter is a three mile test of skill and stamina, with riders needing to be brave and trust their gut instinct when approaching tricky corners on the course.

The tall slim girl dwarves the Oset and will likely move up to a 125 Beta when trials restart.

Lawrie is a highly skilled rider and a young lady with a potentially bright career ahead of her in motorsports.

This weekend's fixture list is as follows:

Good Friday

Huddersfield Falcon M.C.C. Cartworth Moor, 11am.

Easter Sunday

Yeadon-Guiseley. Motor Club, Trial, Dob Park, Clifton, 11am.

Ripon Motor Club, Trial, Winksley, 11am.

Eboracum M.C Trial, Wath Quarry. Hovingham, 11am. (Entry full).