BULLS vice-captain Sam Hallas admits “the operation went well” after suffering a broken jaw in their 41-16 loss to Featherstone in the Challenge Cup on Sunday.

The 24-year-old hooker was rushed off to hospital during the cup tie, which was a big blow for John Kear’s side.

The Bulls star is set for a spell of eight weeks on the sidelines, missing fixtures against Sheffield Eagles, Halifax and Dewsbury in the process.

Reflecting on the moment he realised he had suffered a bad injury, Hallas said: “I was on the floor and the physio and doctor came over and I remember them saying at the time, that they thought I had broken my jaw.

“Then as I was speaking, I felt my jaw just drop and I sort of felt it in a few different parts.

“It didn’t hurt. I thought the adrenaline played a part. I actually wanted to stay on but John and our physio wouldn’t let me which is understandable. It was the right thing to do.”

On the injury, Hallas said: “It is sore, but thankfully the operation went well. Now it’s just a matter of the bone healing and making sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Bradford’s Challenge Cup tie was their first competitive match for 12-months and Hallas said: “It’s frustrating. Not playing for a year and then being out for a length of time. It is frustrating.

“I look at things in a wider world aspect though. If it’s just me out for a few weeks with a broken jaw, compared to some people who are losing their jobs, wondering how they are going to put food on their families’ plates. You know, I’m not in a bad position.

“It’s part of the job at the end of the day. We play rugby, we get injured and that’s just part and parcel of the game.”

Immediately rushed off to hospital, Hallas didn’t manage to watch the full performance, but the Bulls man is optimistic about the season ahead.

He said: “We want to push for promotion and get to Super League. We’ve got a good squad and good competition for places with some good youngsters coming through.

“We were a bit ropey in pre-season but in flashes against Featherstone, we were really good and I think we will do well this year.”

Questioned on the importance of taking Bulls back to Super League, Hallas said: “It’s big on my agenda, I want to get back to the Super League and if I can do it with Bradford it would be fantastic.

“Watching them in the glory days, with the likes of James Lowes and Mike Forshaw playing.

“Being a Bradford fan, they were my idols growing up and if I can get anywhere near what they did for the club, then it would be a massive success.

On the prospect of returning to Odsal Stadium, previous home of the Bulls, Hallas said: “We are thankful Dewsbury have given us a place to play, but Odsal’s our home, that’s where we want to play and that’s where the fans want to come and watch us play.

“Fingers crossed by the time the fans get back into the stadiums, we can be back there and playing some good rugby.”