BRADFORD (Park Avenue) will not be entertaining any ideas of coming back to play with their full focus firmly on next season.

It has been rumoured, following meetings with National League officials, a proposal for a National League North and South competition will be tabled.

The combined Step 2 league would result in promotion.

This is still a long way away from fruition though with approval needed from National League clubs, the Alliance Committee (who meet Monday) and the FA Council.

"We won’t be involved in it," said Avenue's director of football Martin Knight.

"My understanding is there is only an appetite from a very small number of clubs.

"It has got nothing to do with the National League, it is just a number of clubs trying to save their chances of getting promotion and I don’t understand why.

"They are talking about no relegation from the National League so it would mean the National League would expand to 25/26 clubs.

"I have distanced ourselves from it because it is not an official thing. It is the same clubs who said they wanted to continue the season.

"It is just something we are not interested in.

"If Mark Ives (the National League's interim general manager) writes to me asking for my opinion then I will voice it.

"The chances of it getting voted through and approved from the National League then the FA, I would suggest are slim."

Bradford have already been able to whittle down the 10 players who will remain in their squad for the 2021-22 season.

With contracts up and down the country expiring at the end of May, they will then aim to fill the holes with the abundance of unemployed footballers which will be appearing in the market.

Knight added: "We just have to go out and look for the next group of talented footballers we can give an opportunity too.

"Hopefully, some of them will grab it and move on, that is our business model.

"We punch way above our weight in the league we are in. Certainly, for the next two seasons we have to be a development club.

"We haven’t got a choice; it is a financial restriction which we have whilst we build all of our secondary revenues.

"Once we get in a position where we are breaking even, we can start to be a little bit more precious with our assets but right now we have not got the luxury of making those decisions."

The club rejoiced when the government announced that organised sport for adults and children can return from March 29.

Knight added: "The academy and West Bowling will be back in, and we can hire the pitch out again.

"We have got 150 kids in the junior academy, 20 scholars in the education academy, they haven’t been able to train and play.

"So, it is not just good in terms of revenue but also from a mental health point of view."