BULLS will have to play to new rules this season, and John Kear is more enamoured with some than others.

As a way of speeding the game up, introducing more excitement and reducing contact due to coronavirus, changes are on the way for 2021.

The new 20-40 rule will see the team in possession earn a new set, via a tap-kick, if they knock the ball from inside their own 20 metre area out of play (but not on the full) between the opponents' 40 metre line and the goal line.

The introduction of six again means attacking sides will be rewarded with a fresh set of six, instead of a penalty, after a ruck infringement by the opposition.

The play the ball restart, after the ball or ball-carrier finds touch, means that instead of a scrum, the game will get going again 10 or 20 metres from touch or in mid-field, nominated within 10 seconds by the captain.

The default position will be the 20 metre mark.

Kear said: "Danny Brough is excited about the 20-40 rule, and we've looked at it in training to see how we can use it to our advantage.

"I do like six again as well, but I'm not sure I'm a fan of play the ball.

"It's not really speeding things along and opening the game up, because while the attacking team is getting set, the other side can set up a 10-man defensive line.

"It takes away any excitement and makes it a battle in the middle, meaning great wingers like Regan Grace and Tommy Makinson won't get a look in."

St Helens flyers Grace and Makinson are two of Super League's biggest stars, who many rugby league youngsters would love to emulate.

But there are issues facing those hot prospects.

Reserve grade rugby league has been scrapped, for the time being at least, while there will be no formal academy competition in 2021.

On top of that, the six year academy cycle is coming to an end, meaning Bulls will be assessed to see if theirs will continue after this season.

Kear is not too worried about that, saying: "I know some academies will be going out but I'm massively confident Bradford will maintain theirs for at least the next six years.

"Given the players we've brought through over the years, it would be foolish not to continue with ours."

But on the reserves situation, Kear admitted: "I don't know if the RFL will allow fringe players to play against League 1 sides for example.

"Coventry want us to do that and we don't want to lose those players with there being no reserves rugby.

"It would be good to keep people playing and there are a lot of pros down in League 1 now, so it's a good standard, even for Super League fringe players wanting games."