ACTING Bulls chief executive Mark Sawyer has explained how streaming games will work for the club in the early part of the season.

Matches will remain behind closed doors for the foreseeable future, with fans not expected back for another few months yet.

The RFL announced last Friday that Championship matches will be live on Our League, and free to home season ticket holders.

Otherwise other rugby league fans – including supporters of the away club – will be able to secure the live coverage for an Early Bird price of £4.95, which increases to £10 on the day of the match.

A Day Pass will cost £15 and secure live coverage of all fixtures on a given day (for example the four Challenge Cup ties on Saturday, March 20).

A Weekend Pass will cost £20 and secure live coverage of all the matches being shown on Our League in a full round (such as all seven matches in Round One of the Championship from April 2-4).

But as for how it will work for the clubs themselves, Sawyer had the answers.

Speaking to West Yorkshire Sport's Mick Gledhill over the weekend, he explained that it costs clubs around £1,250 to stream a match, with 90 per cent of the revenue generated going towards the home team.

The remaining 10 per cent will go to the away team.

Sawyer admitted that the fans paying to watch the streams would be vital, given the additional costs of regular Covid-19 testing.