DESPITE showing bundles of heart and bottle, it was another night of what could have been for leading Bradford star Darren Tetley who missed out on the chance of becoming English champion.

Although the prematurity of the sixth-round stoppage is up for debate, what can't be argued is Samuel Antwi showed he is one beast of a boxer in the behind closed doors welterweight bout in Bolton.

Coming into the fight, past viewing indicated he could punch but to produce an overpowering display like that against a domestic rival must be lauded.

Upon first glance, it is easy to say referee Michael Alexander should have let Tetley fight on, but when you consider the crushing body shots which had already sent him down twice, did he really need to take any more punishment?

This is a family man we are talking about and surely the most important thing is he gets back home in one piece.

Let's get it right, 'TNT' showed all the guts and some even getting up from the second knockdown.

Of course, no fighter wants to get stopped on their feet, their warrior spirit just does not allow it. However, the adage of Tetley being too brave for his own good played a factor here and you cannot really complain with Alexander deciding Antwi's sickening looping right was the final straw.

The importance of retaining an ‘0’ is more prevalent in boxing than any other sport.

The amount of support a boxer receives throughout an undefeated run can almost make them feel invincible. Then when that knockout or points decision goes against them their whole world is tipped upside down.

Tetley's first defeat, though, was quite unique. So much so, that he was rewarded for his efforts with a title shot six months later.

The Holme Wood man was down for the first time in his eight-year career in that points loss to Liam Taylor, and one must wonder if that was playing on his mind entering Friday night.

Confidence is everything in boxing, you will never hear a fighter splutter pre-bout, 'I'll give it my best and see what happens.' No, instead talk of 'I am going to knock him out' is rife.

Suffering a maiden defeat has got to have affected Tetley in some way.

The 27-year-old was attempting to follow in the footsteps of fellow Bradfordian Femi Fehintola in capturing English glory, but he got off to the worst possible start.

Right from the off, Antwi's plan was to dish out punishing body blows. A rasping left hook forced the southpaw to take a knee.

In typical Tetley fashion he was fighting fire with fire, a style which has deservedly earned him plaudits in the past. But in this one it seemed the totally wrong approach. The heavy-handed Londoner was enjoying all his success in close quarters.

Tetley was the busier man in rounds three and four. Although a swinging right hand to his skull served as a dangerous warning at the end of the latter.

There after it was all Antwi. A severely swelled Tetley gulped a huge right uppercut to face another count near the ropes.

Remember how Rocky III ended with a frame of Apollo Creed and the protagonist coming out of opposing corners throwing identical swings?

Well, that was the picture in the final moments of the sixth. Unfortunately for Tetley's sake, 'True Sensation' was the only one landing right on the button.

It could be argued the 147lbs weight class is the toughest division in the country. After that defeat, Tetley will be questioning where that now leaves him in the clustered bunch.