BRADFORD (Park Avenue) believe the National League had no other choice but to declare their North and South league seasons null and void.

On Thursday night, it was revealed stage one of the resolution vote was passed meaning Step One and Two could individually decide on their futures.

For the latter, 24-19 clubs were in favour of null and void, thereby exceeding the needed 51% majority threshold.

Bradford and Guiseley were two of those 24, citing playing without grant funding would further worsen their financial positions.

The Horsfall outfit had already been charged for not fulfilling fixtures and were prepared to continue taking the sanctions.

From their point of view, they only had three options which would all breach the leagues rules; do what they did, play by taking out a loan effectively trading insolvently, or play only using the academy boys.

"I think it is the prudent decision," said Avenue's director of football Martin Knight.

"I don’t see how the league would have had any integrity. Some teams wouldn’t have played, some would have put out their academy sides, it would have made a mockery of it.

"I don’t think it is good for the players. Lads like Isaac (Marriott) and Lewis (Knight) who, if we had continued playing, could have been looking to get into the EFL next year.

"But I am a glass half full guy. If we hadn’t have started, we would probably be still doing the off the field stuff. There are things we have been doing in the background that we will reap the benefits of when we get fans back in.

"People are going to misunderstand my position because we voted null and void, but we didn’t want that from a competition point of view.

"We wanted to continue playing, we just couldn’t financially do so due to the third lockdown."

Gloucester City have now 'formally started legal action' over the matter, while AFC Fylde will 'fight to continue the season' and 'firmly believe that there is an alternative solution.'

Knight added: "I just think they (Gloucester) will lose because there has not been much of the season played.

"I can understand why they are doing it because they are top of the league. I am sure Blyth will be happy because they are bottom.

"You can appreciate the frustrations of any club who wanted to continue because they have invested heavily. There are no winners out of this.

"If we had continued, Gloucester might have gone up, but seven clubs would have gone bust."

Knight ended by making the point of what happens next to the National League's promised £11 million share of the Government's Winter Survival Package.

He said: "Everyone has made an application on a grant, not a loan. That money is supposed to come whether we are playing or not so it will be interesting to see how DCMS and Sport England handle that."

Even though play has stopped, Avenue confirmed Regan Booty has left the club for league rivals Chorley.

After joining in December, the ball playing midfielder made a total of six appearances and will be remembered for that amazing solo goal he bagged in the club's shock 4-2 win over York City.