THE season is over for Bradford (Park Avenue) and Guiseley, after the National League North and South were both declared null and void this evening.

Neither have played a game since mid-January, and both were firmly in favour of the season ending with immediate effect, given no grants or coronavirus testing were forthcoming.

There were four resolutions presented to National League clubs earlier this month.

The first was to see whether the National League (Step 1) and North and South (Step 2) were happy be split in terms of deciding the outcome of 2020/21.

That was passed, disregarding resolution four immediately (the three divisions having to come to the same decision), and the upshot of this is that the National League season will carry on, with 13 of its clubs having voted in favour of continuing as part of resolution two.

But there was a real difference of opinion at Step 2. The 43 clubs there were voting on resolution three, with a 51 per cent majority needed to either null and void the season or see it continue.

Fifteen of the 22 National League North clubs voted to call things off, including Avenue and Guiseley, but only nine of the 21 teams in the South wanted to see proceedings come to an end.

But overall, that meant 24 of the 43 votes were in favour of null and void, easily more than the 51 per cent majority, meaning the season is over.

It remains to be seen what happens to the leagues below the National League North and South, although the chances are they will now be forced to null and void as well.

With the National League choosing to carry on, it means there won't be any knock on effect for the EFL, in terms of promotion and relegation from the top four tiers.

In a short statement, the National League said: "With the voting procedure now closed, National League North and South fixtures will cease with immediate effect.

"The Board will take the resolution outcome to The Football Association for ratification. This will include dialogue regarding promotion and relegation."