CITY are already eyeing their next transfer business for when the season is over.

The Bantams were one of the busiest operators in League Two during the January window with nine signings – as well as six departures.

Danny Rowe and Charles Vernam are already proving a big hit as the new arrivals make their mark in the push up the table.

But recruitment director Lee Turnbull revealed that wheels are in motion for the summer market.

He said: “We’re trying to identify players now that are hopefully achievable targets. It’s an ongoing process.

“Given that we’ve brought in a number of players on permanent contracts, I’d have thought we would be looking to strengthen but not a total rebuild.

“There is already a plan in place. We’ve started to chip away at a target list and again a bit of a wish list from Mark (Trueman) and Conor (Sellars).

“Once we ascertain who will be in and out of contract at various clubs, we can plan for that.

“In a normal season, you’d be picking up three or four games a week. I’ve got a scout based in London and another in Yorkshire so again we’re trying to get to as many as possible.

“It’s always evolving and the dynamic is there to hopefully continue bringing in the quality of players to move this club up the league.

“That’s got to be the aim. In 12 months’ time, I’d like to think we’re either in the next division or at the top end of this one.”

The current salary cap is set to be removed, although it remains unsure whether a new wage ceiling will be brought in. Turnbull does not believe City’s plans will be affected too much.

“I think Bradford City will always be a team like Bolton Wanderers and viewed as one of the bigger teams in League Two and, dare I say, League One,” he added.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll have the biggest budget but I’d like to think that we will be competitive.

“Ryan (Sparks) said to me on numerous occasions working with or without the salary cap is something we can address moving forward.

“But I was quite comfortable with the cap of £1.5 million because you realise you do have to get real value for money. Players understand that.

“I don’t know to what it’s extent it is being relaxed – whether it’s getting thrown out or EFL clubs vote for an increase. But if it does go, I’d imagine some of the financial heavyweights in the division like Salford will probably exploit that.

“It’s up to them. They can spend the money how they want – and I’ve got nothing against clubs at any level spending what they think is affordable.

“Hopefully where Bradford City are is in a really stable financial position. Moving forward I’m sure we will be mindful of that.”

Turnbull believes the names in the squad can also help with the selling pitch for potential targets.

“If you refer to the attacking options we’ve got now – Lee Novak, Andy Cook and Danny Rowe – all three are experienced strikers at the level with good scoring records.

“We’ve got wide players like (Ollie) Crankshaw and Vernam, as well as Billy Clarke and Gareth Evans, so there’s a good mix.

“If anyone would have looked at the situation in mid-December and then at the end of January, the results we’ve gained and certainly the players coming into the club have improved.

“I feel a bit for Stuart (McCall), of course, because he’s a mate of mine and Kenny (Black). They had horrendous injuries and were clearly looking to strengthen in the transfer window.

“Unfortunately, in this business it’s very much results-driven. But onwards and upwards.”

City’s fortunes have dramatically improved under Trueman and Sellars, who have picked up 21 points from their first 10 games in charge.

Turnbull has been impressed with how the interim bosses have settled so well after being thrown into the role.

He said: “In the early discussions with Ryan when they had just taken over from Stuart and Kenny, I was very much in the camp of seeing how it goes and running with it.

“You only gain experience by being in jobs. It’s like the adage about football players – if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

“When you look at successful young management duos like perhaps the Cowley brothers, Mark and Conor are very different characters but are comfortable working with each other.

“The feedback we’re having from the training pitch is that the players have been really supportive and buying into it.

“You can only pick 11 so you’re going to get some disgruntled footballers and it’s how to deal with that.

“But moving forward, I think Mark and Conor are hopefully the future of this football club.”