BULLS head coach John Kear says his side are tucking straight into contact training, claiming it is "like a banquet after the fast", as he addressed concerns over the lack of preparation for the new season.

Championship clubs are still having to adhere to the Stage 2 Return to Training protocols, which limit them to tackling or wrestling for no more than 15 minutes per session.

It seems like hardly anything given that Bulls are due to be playing competitive rugby league in a month's time, but Kear said: "It's not a worry, but simply a concern and an acceptance of where we're at.

"We all want that ideal scenario, where we've trained and prepared as normal, but we wouldn't be playing at all if we did that, so we'd rather stick to the guidelines and get a season in.

"It's more difficult than usual but that's just where we're at, as a sport and a society.

"We're very grateful that we've got dates for our competitive games now, but we'll prepare how we can, while understanding the limits for our safety."

Having that limited amount of contact time has almost made the players more hungry, with Kear laughing: "That 15 minutes of contact we've been having is like a banquet after the fast.

"If they can replicate that intensity when the season starts then the fans will be in for a treat.

"We're still not sure when the RFL will update the contact rules and we can do some more, but we'll adhere to the protocols in place at any given time as best we can."

Bulls captain Steve Crossley spoke to the Telegraph & Argus earlier this month about how nice it is to train on the 4G at Horsfall in winter instead of on muddy and heavy grass pitches.

Though rugby league has been a summer sport for the last 25 years, there are still some games played on treacherous surfaces, especially early on in the season.

Asked if he would like to see more matches played on artificial pitches, Kear mused: "Some of the 4G pitches are outstanding, like at Park Avenue, where it's a phenomenal surface.

"Rhys Lovegrove (Keighley Cougars' head coach) has commented on the limits of Covid and the weather, but we've had a jump start in that sense, because it's fantastic what we can do down at Avenue.

"But I'm at ease with the whole 4G and grass pitches debate.

"We'll be playing Newcastle this season and they have a brilliant artificial surface up there, but I'm fully aware there are some great grass pitches too.

"So I'm relaxed about it, we're more concerned about who we're facing and who the referee is ahead of a game."