CITY believe the EFL should consider putting back the end of the season because of the growing fixture backlog.

The Bantams still have 21 games to play between now and the scheduled League Two finish at Morecambe on Saturday, May 8.

The midweek abandonment at Scunthorpe was the fourth time they have failed to play since the turn of the year.

Other clubs in the division have faced similar problems because of Covid-related issues and bad weather – Carlisle have suffered eight postponements in the space of 28 days.

City are due to be in action for the next four midweeks, with two more Tuesday-night games in April as well as fitting in a third attempt to play at Glanford Park.

Chief executive Ryan Sparks is concerned for the workload facing players in such a congested run. There is also little room should any further games need to be moved.

He said: “We at least need to start thinking about potentially extending the season by a couple of weeks.

“We talked about maintaining the integrity of the competition previously and we need to remember that.

“I don’t know what is possible but we’ve got to finish the season. We’ve come this far.

“But you are looking at 21 games in 12 weeks for us, which is pretty tight, and it’s concerning from a player welfare point of view.

“It’s like trying to drive a Formula One race car on one set of slick tyres with very limited pit stops in between. That’s how it feels.”

City had offered to switch Tuesday’s game from Scunthorpe to Valley Parade because of doubts over whether it would be able to go ahead.

But the Iron club staff worked throughout the day to get the pitch ready – and the Bantams were happy for it to start. Referee David Rock, though, had no choice but to call a halt after just 29 minutes because of heavy snow.

Sparks added: “Fair play to Scunny the other day for trying to get it on.

“We’d talked about potentially playing the game here but they were confident and rightfully so.

“There was nothing wrong with their playing surface at all when we got there. But then the heavens opened.

“It just summed up the season for me that it stopped snowing as soon as everyone got in their cars and left.”

City should have Danny Rowe available to face Salford tomorrow after he was given longer to get over his heavy cold.

Billy Clarke is still out but Reece Staunton has had another full week’s training and Richard O’Donnell is also ahead of schedule in his recovery.

Joint-interim boss Conor Sellars said: "The game being off against Scunthorpe has worked in Danny's favour. It gives him a better opportunity to be in the squad.

“You want plenty of options. If people are struggling, you’ve got somebody who’s a good player as well to come in.

“It allows us to field strong teams even if there are quite a lot of games coming up.

“If things get a lot worse, the EFL might have to come up with a solution. Until then we’ll just crack on.”