BRADFORD (Park Avenue) have confirmed they will be voting to null and void the National League North season.

Fixtures are due to recommence this weekend, but Avenue have said they will refuse to play until voting on the resolution of the season has been concluded at the end of this month.

A club statement released this afternoon reads:

We wanted to take this opportunity to give full visibility to our fans on where we currently are in terms of the 2020/21 season, the National League vote and our next few fixtures.

As many of you are aware, over the last two weeks, we have had lots changes in the information we were given when we kicked off the league in October and also in the nature of the pandemic itself since that start.

These changes have increased the financial burden on the club significantly and it is with the long term preservation of the club in mind that we have made the below decisions.

Firstly, in the National League vote which came to us late on Monday night, we have voted:

• Resolution 1 we voted for the National League North and South to decide their own league's fate

• Resolution 3 (assuming that resolution 1 passes) we voted to null and void the season

• Resolution 4 we voted for the National League North votes to be for null and voiding of the season

The concept that it takes 28 days for all 66 votes to be counted is quite honestly staggering and puts us in a position that would mean we play on for another four weeks, incurring all of the costs associated with that, only to possibly find the league has been null and voided.

As a board, we cannot enter into this type of irresponsible course of actions, so we have written to the board and advised them that until the votes are all in and counted and a final decision on the season continuing has been made, we won't be playing any further matches.

In the short term, this means our games at home this Saturday against Farsley Celtic and next Tuesday away at Blyth Spartans will not be taking place with a team from Bradford (Park Avenue).

Once the outcome of the vote is known, we have asked the National League Board to confirm that grants will be forthcoming to enable us to compete further and complete this season's fixtures.

We can confirm that, due to (owner) Gareth Roberts supporting us once again, we will be able to start the 2021/22 season in the National League North if no grants are forthcoming and the current season is null and voided.