THE National League has given its clubs, including Bradford (Park Avenue) and Guiseley, four resolutions to the outcome of the 2020/21 season.

Effectively, clubs are voting on whether they are willing to carry on or curtail their campaigns.

Resolution 1 allows Steps One and Two to vote independently. 31 votes, each individual club in the National League and eight votes between the National League North/South, will be cast and a 75% majority is needed.

If this is passed, Resolution 2 sees each National League club vote on their own destiny; either play on or null and void. A majority of over 50% is needed to see either option through.

Likewise, Resolution 3 takes on the same vote but with all 43 clubs in Step 2 individually getting a chance to say what happens to their season. Again, over half of the vote is needed to cause a result either way.

Bringing it back to the beginning again, if Resolution 1 fails then 2 and 3 are disregarded and we are back to the 31 vote system for Resolution 4 to decide whether all three leagues play on or become null and void. A 50% majority is needed here.

Clubs have until February 28 to return voting submissions.

The National League has also asked for the minutes of a key meeting called by Government last November where it claims assurances were given that it would not have to pay back coronavirus crisis funding.

The National League claims it was told at a meeting called by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) on November 17 that "the second tranche of monies for January/February/March 2021 would be on the same principles as the initial tranche ie grants".

DCMS said in a statement last month: "It is untrue to suggest funding to the National League was ever promised as all grants and they have been unable to substantiate this claim."

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