NATIONAL League clubs, including Bradford (Park Avenue) and Guiseley, have been asked to give their views on the new funding plans proposed for the three divisions.

A survival package, further to the one that was provided by the National Lottery until the end of December, has been put together.

But while the National Lottery funding came in grants, the new package is only set to offer clubs money in the form of a loan, to their great consternation.

Mark Ives, the interim general manager of the National League, met with clubs from each division this afternoon, and they were presented with three options.

One is that clubs take on long-term low-interest loans with initial payment holidays, while another would see the league take on the loan and give clubs grants, with future league central payments to clubs then reduced.

The other option is to simply suspend the season, if clubs are not satisfied either of the above plans would make it financially viable to continue with games.

Clubs have been told to email their views tonight and the National League Board plan to meet on Friday to discuss the way forward.

The league’s least favoured option is to suspend the season.

Finally, the league expects all clubs to fulfil Saturday’s and the following midweek’s fixtures.