BULLS were sadly unsuccessful with their attempt to join Super League for 2021, with Leigh getting the nod instead.

For those wondering, they have released their an excerpt from their application for the public to view, which contains some fascinating insights.

Many questioned why Bradford should be given the place, given they only finished sixth in the Championship last year, have suffered recent financial problems, and do not currently play in the city.

But there were things in their favour, including a superb youth department, a glittering history, a large fanbase, and an experienced management team currently at the helm.

Bradford are of course hoping to return to play at Odsal at some point in 2021, and their application details their plans around that, including the possibility of building in and around the existing site.

You can read the excerpt in full by following this link: https://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/article/830/excerpt-from-super-league-application